Wig Rehab! In Ballroom H-J

Wig Rehab!

Hosted By : Quite-A-Riot Cosplay

So, you ordered your wig with time to spare, you lovingly styled it, you wore it with reckless abandon to the midnight rave, and now it’s a tangled ball, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since your cat got into your Flying Spaghetti Monster cosplay. What now? Throw it away and start over? NOPE. Come to this panel and watch a real-time presentation of how to take a messy ball of acrylic hair and turn back time, returning it to silky perfection. We’ll also cover some ways to store and pre-treat wigs to prevent such calamity in the future, as well as a few tips for styling. Got wig questions? Come ask ‘em while you watch a wig go from “blech” to beautiful right before your eyes!